Launch and build an expert witness business in 4 weeks to quickly build another source of income while still doing what you do best – being a doctor.


Enrollment Opens on August 13, 2024 for the Fall Class.

If you’re a physician looking to start an expert witness practice to make more money and create financial security, you can do it:

 ✔️ in weeks (not months or years)

✔️ on YOUR schedule

✔️ with skills you already have

Non-clinical income can be a key strategy to achieve financial freedom when even physicians are receiving pay cuts at best and at worst are becoming unemployed, even in the midst of a pandemic. It’s unbelievable, but financial instability can quickly become reality for many physicians, even within a matter of weeks.

Physician job stability has decreased as more groups are acquired by hospital systems and venture capital. Many physicians have seen their income stagnate or decrease while working harder every day (and night).

Faced with declining income and a loss of control, many physicians have tried to just work harder, take on more shifts, go faster. But there is simply a limit to how hard you can work.

What if you could leverage your skills as a physician to help create additional financial security that you can control?
With additional income as a tool, how might you adjust your clinical schedule to best meet your personal and professional goals? How could your job make your ideal life possible?

I'll show you how to put your skills to work FOR you, in a new way. Expert witnesses typically review medical malpractice cases for lawyers to determine if the care given was above or below the standard of care. 

Your skills, experience, training, and education you use every day in clinical work are what you need to be a great expert witness. With focused training, I'll help you translate your medical skills to the legal field.

"I have been retained by my first two plaintiff attorneys in the last month. I am also working as a consultant for a company that performs defense reviews. The marketing tools you outlined helped me get this far! Also I am using the tools you taught me weekly for documentation. Thank you so much, I have the confidence to grow and I am excited for the future. Another very important thing: the course paid for itself after the first case!"

Jason Lee

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This course will enable you to:

 Launch and build an expert witness business


 Understand the process of case review and deposition


 Rise to the challenge of putting your existing skills to work, in a new way

 Take immediate steps to increase your income, on your own time


"Thanks to your course I have already been retained in my first case. The skills that I learned in your course helped me start up and organize my expert witness business, set an appropriate rate and fee schedule, understand important aspects of an expert witness retention contract, communicate effectively with attorneys, and understand the process of being an expert witness in a case. I love that I was able to work through the course at my own pace and the mix of lectures, resources, and live question and answer sessions was fantastic!"

By the time you are done taking Expert Witness Startup School, you will:

  1. Communicate effectively from the first call to deposition
  2. Set an appropriate hourly and daily rate, track your time, send invoices
  3. Use a contract that protects you and facilitates clear communication of expectations
  4. Review cases efficiently and organize your case workload
  5. Scale your business through networking and marketing
  6. Evaluate if expert listing services, brokers, and other third parties are right for you
  7. Stand out as a go-to expert in your area of expertise (including CV review)
  8. Decide whether or not to form an expert witness business such as an LLC


Modules use step-by-step practical instruction to help you see your progress immediately. Templates help you get organized from the start so you are ready to grow your business from day 1.

Expert Witness Startup School program:

Module 1: First (or 40th) call coaching

What expert witness work is and how you are already an expert

How to communicate effectively during a case inquiry call to facilitate being retained

How to capture contact information for follow up and networking to grow your business

Module 2: Contract, fee schedule

Why a contract is important for clear communication

Which contract components to consider

How to set your fees and increase your hourly earning rate

Module 3: CV and qualifications

How to present your qualifications as an expert

What makes an expert CV different

Which qualifications are desirable in an expert

Module 4: Case organization, time tracking, invoicing

How to organize case files for efficient file review

How to track your time for accurate billing

How to invoice and bill to make sure you get paid

Module 5: Tech tools and tips

Know which equipment you need for expert work

How software applications can keep you organized and prepared

How accounting software can save you money and ease billing

Module 6: Anatomy of a case

Understand the typical life cycle of a medical malpractice case

Know the role of a physician expert at each step in a case

Manage your time effectively throughout a case

Module 7: Deposition

How to prepare for a deposition and feel confident

What to expect during a deposition so you are not caught off guard

How can you learn from reading other depositions to make you a more informed expert

Module 8: Marketing and networking

Know if an expert listing service is right to grow your network

How I grew my network to 8,000+ lawyers

How and when I market to my network to get new cases

How I use marketing to define and expand my professional niches through blog posts and talks

BONUS Module: Building an Expert Witness Business

Why forming an LLC for your expert witness work is important for both liability and financial reasons

How an LLC can enable you to save on taxes, save for retirement, and create generational wealth

Understand the process of setting up a business

Earn CME credits through EWSS!

I am excited to share that when you enroll in Expert Witness Startup School you now have the ability to earn up to 12 CME credits powered by CMEfy.

With this program, you will be ready to take your first case and build your expert practice. I received a call for a new case 7 days after beginning my practice, so I’ve built this course so you will be ready for your first (or 40th) call, too!


I am frequently retained in cases where multiple experts are needed. It’s difficult for attorneys to find experts, and even harder for physicians to find each other. I want to change that by connecting a community of expert physicians to my 10,000+ network of attorneys. After taking this course, you will have the opportunity to join my community for ongoing support and potential referrals to attorneys who need experts like you.*


"I've started to absolutely love this new road I have paved for myself outside of the ER. I went to trial this week and I've never felt more confident in my life! There was something about this new way of practicing outside of my white coat. It gave me so much purpose, and feeling of accomplishment. So, Gretchen, thank you, and to all of those contemplating this business, GO FOR IT!"

Gina Marie

“Dr. Green's class was great in inspiring me to: 1) get a contract drafted, 2) learning Quickbooks versus continuing to use free software, 3) create my marketing plan, 4) setting rates, 5) feeling more confident about pursuing this path.  She delivered her course in very digestible modules and made every student feel important in her Q&A sessions. I trust that she wants her students to succeed!  Thank you!"

Find Out if Expert Witness Startup School is Right for You


Course Module FAQ

Return on Investment FAQ

Am I An Expert FAQ


Are experts needed in my specialty?

Am I qualified to be an expert?

I’ve made more money (~$50k in the last 8 mos) doing this than I ever thought I would.   This income helped us pay off some of my student loans and has also allowed me to give away most of my weekend call shifts without remorse. Thank you again for the blueprint Dr. Green"

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 8 video modules available immediately upon enrollment plus 4 weekly Facebook Live Q&A sessions. Homework for each week may take 2-3 hours, depending on your individual needs (i.e. if you are editing a CV or starting from scratch).

Physician experts typically charge a range of hourly rates between $500-900 plus a retainer of $2500-3500. This course will pay for itself with your first case, and your business growth can be exponential as you get repeat referrals and become known regionally and nationally. This course can be tax deductible if incurred as a business expense according to IRS guidelines.

There are no refunds for this course given that all materials are made available immediately upon enrollment. However, I know from personal experience that the future income you can earn after taking this course will far outweigh the cost of the course.

Experts objectively evaluate a case and form opinions based on their training, knowledge, and expertise. An effective expert uses critical thinking and avoids bias to serve as an educational resource to lawyers, judges, and juries. This is why we will discuss taking cases for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

You will be asked questions in ways that are unfamiliar and may make you uncomfortable, especially about your personal life and/or professional credentials. This course will help you change your fears into strengths – you will learn how to handle questions in high pressure situations and keep your cool. (Sounds a lot like what we do as doctors already, right?)

This being said, expert witness work may not be right for you if you truly have skeletons in your closet (and I’m not just referring to anatomy professors!). If you have felony convictions, lost your medical license(s), been sanctioned professionally, or other extenuating circumstances, you risk being deemed less credible on the stand and you might be better off seeking another opportunity.

Many physicians have been defendants in medical malpractice cases. Instead of viewing that experience as negative, you can use it for growth. You learned skills in your own case that can be valuable when applied to expert witness work. What would serve you best, avoiding the topic or arming yourself with knowledge and skills to meet the challenge?

I disagree. Serving as an expert witness provides expertise and knowledge where it’s needed. Physicians don’t contribute to society by sitting alone in their offices thinking about medicine – we see patients, consult with colleagues, and contribute in many ways. Expert work is no different. 

I love working with attorneys who are masters of critical thinking, who love to learn, and who ask me tough questions that I work hard to answer with evidence-based medicine knowledge and research that makes me a better doctor in my clinical work.

You could view hourly expert rates of $500-900 as being too high, or you could ask yourself whether paying physicians to see patients at $100-150/hour is too low given the magnitude of our contributions to society. It’s all a matter of perspective.

If you’re already an experienced expert looking to take your business to the next level, click here for my Money & Marketing Masterclass.

Enrollment in EWSS now gives you the ability to earn up to 12 CME credits. Upon enrollment, you will receive a special link to CMEfy. After you have completed each module of the course, you can log into your CMEfy account and reflect on the course to earn up to 12 CME credits.

An expert contract is a customized legal document and is not included in the course, although I would be happy to refer you to a fantastic lawyer who specializes in healthcare law and often assists my students in efficiently and effectively preparing a contract customized to their needs.

Still have questions if Expert Witness Start Up School is right for you? Email us at [email protected] and we'll help guide you based on your particular situation.

"Thank you, Gretchen, for this phenomenal education. I am confident and have an established game plan to move forward."

Matt A., MD, neuroradiologist

“I’m super busy. How do I add one more thing to my schedule? Why now?”

This is the perfect time to be an expert witness. Imagine what you could achieve THIS year, with the know-how and tools to enable you to earn more money, on your own terms. I got my first case 7 days after starting my expert witness business. Couldn’t YOU use some wins right now?

You can complete the weekly course material on your own schedule and keep lifetime access. You’ll get the support you need to get started and grow your business.


“How do I get started as an expert?”

That’s why I developed this course. Often a call comes out of the blue from a lawyer about a new case, maybe while you’re in the middle of seeing patients. This course is both a how-to guide and a roadmap to get you started getting cases NOW.


“Other companies offer this kind of course. How is this one different?”

Most other courses are taught by lawyers – I’ve taken several and they’re great. But I wish I’d also had a physician mentor to help me learn the ropes. That’s why I’m offering this course as a physician – to teach my fellow physicians how to be the best expert they can be.


“I’ve done a few cases. How can I find more?”

You may have already served as an expert, but if you want to grow your network and build your expert practice to a 5- or 6-figure-earning income source, this course will teach you how.


“I’m a doctor, I don’t speak legalese!”

Medical school teaches us how to speak the language of medicine, not law. Many legal terms are Latin, and many medical terms are derived from Greek. No wonder doctors and lawyers struggle to communicate!

Here’s the good news: You’re already an expert physician. You don’t need to be an amateur lawyer. But you do need guidance on what to say (or not to say). We will focus on communication at every step in the process.


By the end of this course, you will be ready to take your first case and build your expert practice. I received a call for a new case 7 days after beginning my practice, so I’ve built this course so you will be ready for your first (or 40th) call, too!




Gretchen Green MD MMS is a radiologist turned expert-educator-explorer who has taught hundreds of physicians and other clinicians how to launch 5- and 6-figure expert witness businesses. She also teaches radiologists to reduce their mammography malpractice risk and improve clarity and confidence, using lessons she has learned serving as an expert in over 100 breast medical malpractice cases.

She serves as Chair of the Space Camp Alumni Board and held her first teaching position as a Crew Trainer at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL, while attending college at Brown University. At Space Camp, she taught high school students to launch, fly, and land the space shuttle and is a strong supporter of both STEM and history education. Dr. Green loves taking inspiration from space travel and translating it into lessons that help her students achieve new heights of success.

In the summer of 2022, Dr. Green reached the North Pole on a Polar Class II icebreaker and teaches her students about the personal lessons she has learned throughout her personal and professional life that continue to keep her shooting for the stars.

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Content questions: [email protected]

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If you're thinking “I’m super busy. How do I add one more thing to my schedule? Why now?”

 This is the perfect time to be an expert witness. Imagine what you could achieve THIS year, with the know-how and tools to enable you to earn more money, on your own terms. I got my first case 7 days after starting my expert witness business. Couldn’t YOU use some wins right now?

You can complete the weekly course material on your own schedule and keep lifetime access. You’ll get the support you need to get started and grow your business.


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