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Money and Marketing Masterclass for Expert Witnesses

This course will teach you how to build your expert witness practice into a business, using the tools, resources, and mindset taught by masters in the industry.


Without wondering how to find the right people or resources to guide you through the process.

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Introducing: Money and Marketing Masterclass for Expert Witnesses

Using mindset, good business practices, and marketing, physicians can transform expert witness practices into highly successful businesses that enhance their professional reputation and help make you a better doctor.

In approximately 8 hours, this course will provide you with actionable information to get you retained in more cases, protect yourself with a contract and professional liability policy, and transform your mindset into one of business growth and achievement.

If you want more cases but don’t know how to find lawyers or help them find you, this is the course for you. If you want education on professional protection, these industry masters can help inform you to make optimal choices for professional protection.

This course was designed to help you jump-start your expert business and find people who can help you on your journey.

You will have the opportunity to earn up to 8 CME credits, powered by CMEfy.*


If you’re a physician expert witness looking to get more cases, find more lawyers, or expand your professional niche, while putting good business practices and protections in place, then you know you need the right people to guide you in the process. 


You already know physicians serve a valuable role in evaluating medical malpractice cases because of our skills as thought leaders, communicators, and educators. 

Physicians have traditionally owned their own practices and have a long history of successful business building in competitive environments despite constant change.

Physicians are typically risk-averse and know-how having the right guidance, contracts, insurance, and other business structure elements are important for protection and profitability. 

Whether you’re waiting for your first case, working on your 40th, or have an expert-focused forensic practice,

You already have an expert witness business.


✔️ You’re putting your skills to work for you, doing what you already do best as a physician.

✔️ You feel energized in your clinical career from developing a new mental skillset reviewing medicolegal cases and avoid mid-career monotony.

✔️ You’ve chosen to diversify your income sources (pandemic protection?). 

✔️ You have taken back control over your professional success and maybe cut back your clinical schedule for more personal or family time.

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Running an expert witness business is not exactly something we learned in medical school. And then there’s insurance, contracts, and online marketing to consider when growing and protecting this new business asset. Finding experts to guide you along the way isn’t easy, either.

If you’re ready to grow your business but don’t know how to network, I know how you feel.


I took action and this course will help you do more, too. In this course, I interview 7 masters in marketing, insurance, contract negotiations, and business mindset plus provide how-to guides for online marketing using six different methods (without using tech mumbo-jumbo).

You will be ready to set your fees with confidence. Know what you need in a contract and insurance policy to help protect your investment in the business. Negotiate the terms of your contract from a position of confidence.

(Guess where these skills come in handy? Pretty much everywhere else in life.)

Does this sound familiar?

  1. You’ve thought about listing on an expert witness listing site but don’t know how to construct a professional profile?
  2. LinkedIn looks promising but you wonder how to connect, export contact information, or network the right way.
  3. Liability is a fact of life, but unlike your medical malpractice insurance policy, you don’t know where to start finding an expert witness policy or what questions to ask.
  4. You know the right fee range but are afraid to ask for money in a way that doesn’t sound unprofessional (or cheap) (or exorbitant). Usually, you just check the box on the billing form and the office staff takes care of it for you, right?
  5. You’re getting a few calls from lawyers but don’t have a clue how to reach out to more, or how to increase your plaintiff and/or defense expert work.

Every expert has the opportunity for growth and professional improvement, but not investing in yourself and the business can limit how much you can achieve.


Your professional reputation and financial success are on the line.


Without an informed approach, you can cost yourself:

  1. Lost money due to undercharging
  2. Potential liability due to lack of an insurance policy or improper product choice
  3. Miscommunication due to lack of a contract or unclear language
  4. Difficulty in deposition or trial discussing an ill-thought-out online presence
  5. Lost cases through lack of online marketing
  6. Lack of confidence in a business that undermines your self-concept as a competent expert
I want to invest in myself!

You CAN’T just decide to be an expert witness and expect the cases to come to you. Having good business and marketing practices makes you a better expert – you take your work seriously and others will value you for your professionalism.

  • Even if you’re NOT a Facebook fan or website-building wonder.
  • Even if you think you’re ok charging less to feel more comfortable (or less confrontational).
  • Even if you’d rather deep-clean your refrigerator than try to understand insurance policy jargon.
  • Even if you don’t know a database from a DRG code.

You CAN grow your business, feel confident marketing your skills and billing appropriately, and take comfort in the protection of a good contract and insurance policy. I did, and I’ll teach you how.

So if you’re ready to finally grow your expert witness practice while avoiding marketing and money missteps,

Here's how this course will help you make success happen:


Module 1

Entrepreneurial Expert: Business-building mindset

In this module we discuss the following and more:

  1. How can physicians acquire an entrepreneurial mindset to start businesses like an expert witness practice?
  2. Why is a side business a valuable financial tool to create long-term wealth?
  3. How can an expert witness business enable physicians to put their skills to work in other businesses and create new opportunities?
  4. How can physicians become empowered to start new opportunities and use their hard-earned skills to re-energize their clinical career?


Module 2

Fee setting fundamentals and negotiation

In this module, we discuss negotiation and contracts for physicians, both in clinical work and for an expert witness practice. Specifically, we also discuss:

  1. Setting your fee schedule appropriately and developing confidence discussing billing
  2. Risks of undercharging and overcharging
  3. How an expert witness side gig could help revitalize your clinical career and avoid burnout
  4. Negotiation skills to facilitate effective communication with lawyers
  5. Contract details to look for including clauses concerning side gig income


Module 3

Elements of expert witness contracts

In this module, we discuss the following and more:

  1. How do physicians qualify to be expert witnesses?
  2. What are some key components of an expert witness contract?
  3. How is a contract customizable and valuable as a communication tool?
  4. How can physicians assess and mitigate risk in serving as expert witnesses?
  5. What are some negotiation strategies to help experts more effectively communicate with lawyers?


Module 4

Online marketing for experts

In this module, we discuss the following and more:

  1. How can you focus on attorney searches on the web and LinkedIn to help you promote your skills as an expert and be found by the right attorneys?
  2. How can a web site be your “digital business card” helping attorneys find you?
  3. What specific features of a LinkedIn profile help you stand out as an expert?
  4. What are some mistakes to avoid with web sites, social media, and specifically LinkedIn?


Module 5

Expert witness listing services

In this module, we discuss the following and more:

  1. What qualifications are needed to be an expert witness? 
  2. How can experts leverage their skills to be more desirable candidates for retention?
  3. What are some different business models for expert witness referral services?
  4. What questions should an expert witness ask an attorney with a possible case inquiry?
  5. How can experts use different marketing strategies to help grow their network and increase case referrals?


Module 6

Professional liability policy overview

In this module, we discuss the following and more:

  1. What potential liability do expert witnesses face performing expert reviews and providing deposition and trial testimony?
  2. What should an expert consider when evaluating the need for a professional liability policy?
  3. What is typically covered in a professional liability policy and what is the typical cost for a range of benefits?
  4. How does coverage by a medical malpractice policy differ from that of a professional liability policy?


Module 7

Insurance Policy Introduction

In this module, we discuss the following and more:

  1. Is expert witness work covered under medical malpractice policies?
  2. What is the role of liability coverage for activities like expert witness work?
  3. How risky is expert witness work and how can physicians confront the fear of being sued?
  4. What policy specifics should an expert witness look for in a professional liability policy?


Module 8

How-to marketing module

In this module, I discuss how to search for lawyers and how to be found by lawyers looking to retain experts in medical malpractice cases. I demonstrate three methods of online marketing (website, expert witness listing, and LinkedIn profile) and three lawyer search websites plus a bonus method to export lawyer contacts and build your database.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


Money and Marketing Masterclass for Expert Witnesses - $4,197 Value

  • Modules 1-7 are interviews with masters in the areas of money, marketing, and mindset: $3,500 value
  • Module 8 is a module with actionable how-to demonstrations of digital marketing for experts using platforms like LinkedIn and lawyer search sites: $500 value
  • 8 hours category 1 CME eligible: $197 value

Total Value: $4,197

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access

to everything for just: $1,497

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"This course is an organized and systematic guide to starting and expanding into expert witness work.  Gretchen does a terrific job providing the context and resources to help those at every experience level.  Highly recommended."

-Student of Dr. Gretchen Green's signature program, Expert Witness Startup School

About Me:

I've been a diagnostic radiologist in practice since 2006. I got started in expert witness work after receiving a call from an attorney out of the blue in 2015 and have served as an expert witness in diagnostic radiology for dozens of cases for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. 

Expert witness work helped me transition to part-time clinical work in 2016 and have more time with family and for myself. It enabled me to have the financial freedom to design my best life.

Now almost 5 years later, I was financially able to voluntarily take time off from my job when my family needed me most at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. I maintained income from new case inquiries even while courts and law offices were closed because I have a network of nearly 8000 lawyers who needed cases reviewed, and I already had robust systems in place to work from home.

I want you to be able to leverage your skills as a physician expert witness AND be in control of your time and money like I am.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Dr. Green's class was great in inspiring me to: 1) get a contract drafted, 2) create my marketing plan, 3) setting rates, 4) feeling more confident about pursuing this path.  She delivered her course in very digestible modules and made every student feel important in her Q&A sessions. I trust that she wants her students to succeed!  Thank you!"

-Student of Dr. Gretchen Green's signature program, Expert Witness Startup School

✅ This course is for you if:

  • You want to be the boss of your business.
  • You want to be retained in more cases.
  • You’re ready to build your expert witness business.
  • You want to learn more about websites and online marketing.
  • You want to be sure you’re fairly compensated for the time and work you do.

❌ This course is not for you if:

  • You’re more of a worker bee who just follows directions.
  • You’re content doing a few cases here and there.
  • You’re ok relying on word of mouth referrals.
  • Web what? Online marketing is for other businesses, right?
  • You trust that others pay you fairly.

What happens if I don’t take this course?

You can always wait for cases to come to you. Your business will grow eventually (or will it?). Relying on word-of-mouth referrals without marketing is not how businesses grow. It’s how they fail. If you’re investing your time and effort putting your skills as an expert to work for you, do the world a favor and make those skills available to the people who need them. Lawyers can’t find you if you don’t make your skills known. This is not about SEO-hacking and tricks. This is a professional approach to growing a business where YOU are the product. 

You can set your fee schedule and trust people will pay you the market rate for your time and efforts. But, chances are you will be underpaid or worry that you are. This will negatively impact your communications and possibly your work, too. Or you can know your value and save yourself a lot of lost money and angst by appropriately setting your fee schedule correctly from the beginning. It is appropriate to be fairly paid for your high-level skills and the time and effort to review cases.

You don’t HAVE to have a contract OR an insurance policy. However, no work is no-risk. Wouldn’t you feel better being informed about your options and having the resources and guidance to follow through for yourself on these important business steps?

So why not save yourself time and money not making expensive mistakes, and take the course that is designed to help you build your expert witness business with confidence and peace of mind? Enroll in Money and Marketing Masterclass for Experts for just $1497 and bring you’re a game to this like you do everything else in your life.

Enroll in Money and Marketing Masterclass for Experts today.

Remember, when you enroll, you receive:

  • Instant access to all 8 modules so you can jump-start your business growth NOW and achieve your goals working smarter, not harder.
  • The lowest price offered for this course. Each of the masters interviewed charges hundreds of dollars per hour for their time. Why not get access at the time and pace that work for YOU?