About Me

I've been a diagnostic radiologist in practice since 2006. I got started in expert witness work after receiving a call from an attorney out of the blue in 2015 and have served as an expert witness in diagnostic radiology for dozens of cases for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. 

Expert witness work helped me transition to part-time clinical work in 2016 and have more time with family and for myself. It enabled me to have financial freedom to design my best life.

Now almost 5 years later, I was financially able to voluntarily take time off from my job when my family needed me most at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. I maintained income from new case inquiries even while courts and law offices were closed because I had a network of 6000+ lawyers who needed cases reviewed, and I already had robust systems in place to work from home.

I want you to be able to leverage your skills as a physician expert witness AND be in control of your time and money, like I am.


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